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Nepal trip (2017)

An attempt to summit the Everest Base Camp:
Last year around this time of the year, I ran my first marathon in Memphis and Suhas was on his way summit to Kilimanjaro in Africa. Right after that, we decided our 2017 end of the year goal is to reach to the Everest Base Camp in Nepal! Just the thought of actually seeing the highest mountain in the world gave me jitters! Considering that climbing Mt. Everest is impossible for me, I was just excited to get as close as possible to Mt. Everest. So now almost after a year, here I am writing a very very detailed report of our trip to EBC :)
After getting some endurance training through biking and running followed by some high altitude hikes in Colorado and California, we finally started packing for our trip a week or 10 days before departure.

It was a meticulous packing because we logged every item we packed, location of each item, counted the number of nutrition bars we would need for our trip and packed gatorade in small pouches so it would b…